Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

benefits of hibiscus tea


Hibiscus tea is a delicious herbal tea that is easily prepared.  It is made using a portion of the flower of the hibiscus plant, Hibiscus sabdariffa.  This primary ingredient is actually comprised of active compounds that produce most benefits of hibiscus tea.  One of the main reasons that individuals consume hibiscus tea is to help relax and lower blood pressure, but it has several other positive health impacts as well.  I created this post to list and describe the Top 5 Powerful Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea.

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Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea

where to buy hibiscus tea


Hibiscus Tea is a healthy herbal tea that is currently gaining popularity in the United States.  I have received several emails recently asking me where to buy hibiscus tea.  Fortunately, hibiscus is fairly common and there are several brands selling loose hibiscus tea and hibiscus tea bags.  I include the top brands for these two categories in my list of Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea below.

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Moringa Tea

moringa tea


Moringa Tea is a herbal tea that is very popular overseas, and its reach is slowly spreading to the United States.  This tea utilizes moringa leaves as the primary ingredient.  The moringa leaves are obtained from the moringa tree (Moringa oleifera).  This tree is sometimes referred to as the “Miracle Tree” because it has several powerful benefits.  The moringa tree is used for several different purposes, and it produces a very useful substance called ben oil.  The oil has culinary benefits and is also used in cosmetic products.  Other parts of the tree can be eaten, used for cooking, used to purify water, reclaim the soil, and its leaves are used in many herbal recipes as well as a tea which have many natural benefits.  Moringa is currently being studied as a super plant because it has so many applications that are useful.  Learn more about Moringa Tea in this ultimate guide!

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Raspberry Leaf Tea Women’s Health

raspberry leaf tea women's health


Raspberry Leaf Tea is a popular herbal tea that has been consumed for hundreds of years.  There are many Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea, but the most common deal with women.  Raspberry Leaf Tea Women’s Health Benefits include improved fertility and easier labor and delivery.  The women’s benefits also include reducing cramping and other uncomfortable menstrual effects.  You can learn more about these Raspberry Leaf Tea Women’s Health Benefits on this post. Continue reading “Raspberry Leaf Tea Women’s Health”

Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits

raspberry leaf tea benefits


Raspberry Leaf Tea is a popular herbal tea that uses the leaves of the red raspberry plant, Rubus idaeus, as the primary ingredient.  The powerful raspberry leaf tea benefits have lead to its quick spread across the globe.  The most common raspberry leaf tea benefit deals with easing the end of pregnancy and speeding up labor.  It has also been shown to help some women with fertility.  It is important to remember that this tea has many other health benefits, and many of them impact men as well as women. The leaves are also full of nutrients and contain natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  You can read the Top 10 Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits in this post.

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Rasberry Leaf Tea

raspberry leaf tea


Raspberry Leaf Tea is an herbal tea with very powerful benefits.  It is also known as red raspberry leaf tea, and it is made with the leaves of the raspberry plant, Rubus idaeus. This tea is famous for its benefits for pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant, but it has many other benefits. Raspberry leaves are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  This tea is a caffeine-free brew that has been used for centuries for various ailments.  I have dedicated this post as the Ultimate Guide for Raspberry Leaf Tea. Continue reading “Rasberry Leaf Tea”

Kava Tea Recipe

kava tea recipe


As you probably already have figured out, I absolutely love herbal tea.  This website contains information on many different types of herbal tea.  I can honestly state that kava tea is in my top 3 favorite teas.  This tea definitely has the potential to change lives.  I was surprised to discover that there was a lack of a quality kava tea recipe online.  I made it my mission to create a delicous cup of kava tea, and I finally succeeded.  I have included my favorite kava tea recipe below.  I hope you enjoy!

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Kava Tea Benefits

kava tea benefits


Kava tea benefits are well-known, and they are the primary reason that this tea has become so popular.  Kava tea is a herbal tea that is made using the roots of the kava plant (P. methysticum) as the main ingredient.  These roots contain kavalactones, which are the active compounds that provide a majority of the health benefits.  These kava tea benefits are primarily related to anxiety and stress reduction, but consuming this wonderful herbal tea also is a great way to boost mood and fight insomnia.  Discover the Top 10 Kava Tea Benefits in this fun post!

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Kava Tea

kava tea


Kava tea is a popular herbal tea that is consumed worldwide.  The popularity of this amazing tea can be attributed to its powerful health benefits including reduced anxiety and improved mood.  The tea is primarily made using the roots of the kava plant, Piper methysticum.  This plant is so widespread, it has several different names including: Piper methysticum, Kava-Kava, ‘awa, yaqona, and Kawa.  It is a plant that’s roots are used in making a tea-like substance. Many different cultures have consumed this tea for centuries including South Pacific Islanders, and this herbal tea continues to be consumed as a social, ceremonial, religious, and medicinal drink.

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