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Hibiscus Tea is a healthy herbal tea that is currently gaining popularity in the United States.  I have received several emails recently asking me where to buy hibiscus tea.  Fortunately, hibiscus is fairly common and there are several brands selling loose hibiscus tea and hibiscus tea bags.  I include the top brands for these two categories in my list of Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea below.

If you are unfamiliar with the power of hibiscus, I suggest reading my related post that details the main Reasons for Drinking Hibiscus Tea.

Unbiased Info on Purchasing Hibiscus

This post contains my recommendations and suggestions on where to buy hibiscus tea.  It is part of my series of posts that have all been created to help Herbal Tea Time readers purchase quality ingredients and utilize the best tools to make the most delicious herbal tea.  All of these guides are solely comprised of my personal knowledge and beliefs.  The information is unbiased and independent.  I make earning your trust a primary focus, and then I transition to maintaining that trust.  If you have any questions regarding the independent and unbiased info included on this HTT community site, please send me a message or post a comment at the bottom of this post.


hibiscus flower tea guide

Hibiscus tea is becoming very popular, and there are many different brands and places to buy this wonderful herbal tea.  The sheer number of options can make it difficult to choose where to buy hibiscus tea.  Fortunately, I have spent years sampling various brands, and I have discovered the top hibiscus tea vendors.  I have included the highest quality brands on this list in addition to details on where to buy hibiscus tea below.

Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea: Amazon Marketplace

Herbal tea has continued to follow a modest growth trend, and there are usually several marketplaces (stores and websites) selling each different type of tea.  Hibiscus tea falls into this category, so there are many choices of where to buy hibiscus tea .  I purchase my herbal tea on the Amazon marketplace for several reasons, and I suggest that you do the same.  Purchasing on Amazon is  quick, convenient, and often includes free shipping.  It is also easier to get refunds for returns.


Here is the list of the Top Hibiscus Tea Brands that can all be used to make an excellent cup of herbal tea.  I have divided this list into 3 distinct categories, and I’ve provided the top brand for each one.  The top brands all include a brief description and link to purchase them on Amazon.  I’ve created an overview before we get started.

  1. Loose Hibiscus Tea – Frontier Natural Products
  2. Hibiscus Tea Blends – Wild Foods Company, Wild Tea #6
  3. Hibiscus Tea Bags – Davidson’s Tea Bags

Frontier Loose Hibiscus Tea

Loose herbal teas are comprised of the natural plant ingredients in leaf, flower, or root form.  They have been washed, dried, and placed into large packages.  Many loose teas have also been cut and sifted to remove dirt and other debris.  I personally use loose tea over 90% of the time.  It is the most fresh way to consume herbal tea, other than picking the herbs yourself.

Frontier Hibiscus Tea (1 lb Cut & Sifted)

Frontier Natural Products is a well-known seller of loose herbal teas.  Frontier is unique because it is a member owned co-op.  I really enjoy their hibiscus tea, and it is currently my favorite.  It contains 1 lb of loose hibiscus flowers that have been cut and sifted.  Frontier hibiscus tea is extremely reasonably priced, and it is currently priced at ~ $11.  I have pointed many of my close friends towards Frontier, and they have never looked back.  You should definitely consider trying it!

Hibiscus Tea Blends

I have recently been going through an herbal tea blends phase.  These blends contain multiple ingredients including other herbs, fruit, and spices.  The ingredients are combined to create a unique flavor profile.

Wild Foods Co. – Wild Tea #6 w/ Cranberry, Currant, & Elderberry (8 ounce)

Wild Foods Company is a fairly new brand that has focused on selling products in the herbal tea blends niche.  They assign each blend a number and simple name to make them easier to identify.  This hibiscus tea blend has been assigned Wild Tea #6, and the name is Curr Berr (named from ingredients).  This blend has one of my favorite flavor profiles.  It is smooth, fresh, and has a wonderful aroma.  It is sold in two different size options, 4 oz and 8 oz.  Click on the picture or link above to learn more or purchase on Amazon.  I always purchase the 8 oz option for $20 because it is a much better deal ($15 for 4 oz).  The final reason why I like this brand is because it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hibiscus Tea Bags

Tea bags contain small amounts of the desired herb or plant.  Tea bags are usually not as fresh as loose tea, but they are a convenient and simple way to make herbal tea.

Davidson’s Tea Hibiscus Flower, 100-Count Tea Bags

Importance of Buying the Best Hibiscus Tea

As I’ve stated many times on this website, it is very important to purchase the highest quality ingredients to make the best herbal tea.  The same is true for hibiscus tea.  This guide has explained where to buy hibiscus, and now you will need to choose a great brand that fits your personal needs.  All of the brands that I mentioned above currently offer fresh and delicious hibiscus that you can use when you follow my Simple Hibiscus Tea Recipe.  If you have any questions regarding other brands, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


I hope that you have discovered Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea to make the best cup of tea.  There is a big difference between the quality of different brands.  All of the products listed on this page are a great way to start off your next hibiscus tea session.  If you have any other questions regarding where to buy hibiscus tea, please send me a message or post a comment at the bottom of this page.  I personally enjoy communicating with the readers of this Herbal Tea Time Community.

Prior to Buying Hibiscus Tea

I always suggest communicating with a healthcare professional prior to consuming any herbal tea.  Hibiscus tea is considered safe by many medical experts, but it has the potential to interact with prescription medications or other medical conditions.  I would be particularly cautious about consuming hibiscus at the same time as blood pressure prescriptions.  Your doctor has the ability to speak with you about the possible risks pertaining to your personal health profile, so it is a good idea to use their knowledge.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the potential side effects of hibiscus tea.


Support This Community (Hint: It Won’t Cost You A Penny)

You can help support this community without spending an extra penny.  If you are planning on buying something (literally anything) on Amazon, click one of the Amazon links contained on this page before making your purchase.  This website will make a small percentage of your total purchase price for any items purchased within 24 hours of clicking the link.  You can purchase anything on Amazon, it doesn’t have to be something advertised on this website.  I sincerely appreciate your support, it helps me dedicate a sufficient amount of my time to enhance this free resource!

Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea: Comments

Are you familiar with other options of where to buy hibiscus tea?  What brands do you prefer?  Please share your knowledge with the HTT readers and help this site continue to grow.

Where to Buy Hibiscus Tea: Discover the Top 3 Brands
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