Kava Tincture

Kava Tincture


People are becoming more and more familiar with tinctures. Kava enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Kava Tincture is experiencing equal growth in popularity. Before you dig into this post, please visit HTT’s Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava  – our Ultimate Guide provides a big picture overview of all things Kava related. After visiting the Ultimate Guide, its time to learn about Kava Tinctures – What are they? Are they right for you? Let’s get started.

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Kava Dosage

Kava Dosage


More and more people are experimenting with Kava, and many are seeking to find out the proper Kava Dosage. Not yet familiar with Kava? Before you get started on this HTT article, we’d like to suggest that you visit our Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava. After you’ve broadened your basic knowledge, you’ll benefit from reading our opinion on the proper kava dosage and the various ways that you might be able to expose yourself to it. Are you ready to get started?

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Yogi Kava Tea

Yogi Kava Tea


HerbalTeaTime.com loves all things herbal tea! One of the most popular kinds of herbal teas on the market is made by Yogi. There is a form of Yogi Kava Tea on the market that we’ve been asked to evaluate. Before we do, to make sure you have a solid understanding of Kava in general, please visit our Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava. HTT wrote that article to further your understanding of Kava so that you could evaluate whether kava tea, and specifically Yogi Kava Tea, might be a good match for you!

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Kava Pills

Kava Pills


Have you ever heard of Kava Pills? Kava, like many other types of herbal supplement, can be crushed into a fine powder and added to empty pill capsules to create Kava pills. This is one of the most common ways to supplement your kava intake, just in case you have time to drink the tea or you don’t care for its taste. To make sure you have a basic understanding of all things Kava related, we suggest that you visit our Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava. That article will leave you with a broad understanding of Kava, in general, and will prepare you to learn about Kava Pills. Ready to learn?

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Kava Root Powder

Kava Root Powder


There are a number of exciting ways to experiment with Kava. One of the more common ways to do so is by using Kava Root Powder. Before we get into this HTT Kava Root Powder focused article, we would strongly suggest that those of you who may be new to Kava check out our ultimate guide to Kava! After visiting that page and learning about, or freshening up on, Kava, you are ready to learn about Kava Root Powder. Let’s gets started!

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Where To Buy Kava

Where to Buy Kava


In the last several months, we’ve notice a significant uptick in the number of HTT readers who have written into with questions about where to buy Kava. Perhaps it is because we’ve been in the business of buying herbal tea for many years, but we never realized that some people, especially beginners, may not be aware of this information. Of course, before we share some information about where to buy Kava, we suggest that you broaden your knowledge on Kava tea by referencing our Ultimate Guide to Kava. After you’ve done that, you’re ready to find the answer – Where to Buy Kava?

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Organic Spearmint Tea

organic spearmint tea

Organic Spearmint Tea is a refreshing herbal tea with a distinct flavor and aroma.  It has become increasingly popular in the United States as word spread about the powerful spearmint tea health benefits.  The ability of spearmint to treat halitosis is likely the most well-known positive effect, but it is also an effective treatment for several medical conditions.  Discover the Top 5 Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits on this post.

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Loose Leaf Spearmint Tea

spearmint loose leaf tea


Spearmint tea is famous for its powerful flavor and unique scent.  The tea’s minty taste is obtained from the primary ingredient, the leaf from the spearmint plant, Mentha spicata.  Loose leaf spearmint tea is the best way to consume this tasty beverage.  It is great by itself, or it can be combined with other herbs to create delicious blends.   I have completed hours of research dedicated to compiling this list of the best loose leaf spearmint tea.

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Spearmint Tea Bags

spearmint tea bags


Spearmint tea is known for its refreshing taste and unforgettable aroma.  This herbal tea has been popular for hundreds of years, and it was even valuable in ancient Rome and Greece.  It has become even more trendy recently, which has made it more difficult to find the best spearmint tea.  I usually prefer consuming herbal tea in loose leaf form, but there are several spearmint tea bags that I really enjoy.  I have provided the best spearmint tea bags in my Top 3 List below.

Read my Spearmint Tea Ultimate Guide to learn more about this delicious drink.

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Where to Buy Spearmint Tea

where to buy spearmint tea


The first step towards making delicious minty tea is learning where to buy spearmint tea.  Spearmint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that is derived from the leaves of the spearmint plant, Mentha spicata.  This plant is known for its characteristic minty flavor and fresh aroma.  It has been used for hundreds of years for various medicinal and culinary purposes.  It is very important to learn where to buy spearmint tea in order to obtain the best quality at a reasonable price.  I have created this post to explain the best places to purchase this wonderful tea, and I include a description for one of my favorite brands.

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