Organic Spearmint Tea

Organic Spearmint Tea is a refreshing herbal tea with a distinct flavor and aroma.  It has become increasingly popular in the United States as word spread about the powerful spearmint tea health benefits.  The ability of spearmint to treat halitosis is likely the most well-known positive effect, but it is also an effective treatment for several medical conditions.  Discover the Top 5 Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits on this post.

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Before Drinking Organic Spearmint Tea

I recommend speaking with a healthcare professional before consuming any herbal tea products including Organic Spearmint Tea.  Spearmint is considered a safe herbal tea if it is consumed in moderate amounts, but high amounts may potentially interact with certain prescription medications.  Your doctor will help inform you of any potential risks, even if they are very rare.


organic spearmint tea health benefits

The HTT community is different than other websites because it cites scientific journals to back up claims.  It is important to remember that individual body chemistry is unique, and consuming this tea will affect people differently.  There is still a very good chance that you will experience many of the Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits below.

Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits #1


Organic Spearmint Tea has been used for centuries to help treat halitosis and fight bad breath.  It has a pleasant aroma that neutralizes the smelly bacteria and leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh.

Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits #2


Another one of the Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits deals with the way your body processes food.  Drinking this tea before a large meal has been shown to aid digestion.  It helps your organs absorb nutrients and eliminate waste which results in more efficient digestion.

Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits #3


This tea also helps calm an upset stomach and reduces gas and bloating.  Excess stomach gas can be very painful, and it can also lead to embarrassing flatulence (bottom burps).

Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits #4


Organic Spearmint Tea is another herbal tea that contains a moderate level of antioxidants.  Antioxidants combat free radicals which boosts your immune system and slows aging at a cellular level.  They also improve skin health and help spearmint tea treat acne.

Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits #5


The efficient digestion caused by spearmint tea also can help aid weight loss.  Spearmint also helps balance hormones which can help indirectly weight loss.  It works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Purchase Quality Spearmint Tea

The first step to ensure you attain the Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits listed above is to purchase quality spearmint tea.  I recommend purchasing loose leaf spearmint tea, and I have included a link and description for my favorite brand below:

Wild Foods Loose Leaf Organic Spearmint (4 ounce)

I am a big fan of the Wild Foods line, and this is another delicious product.  This is Wild Tea #19 – Spearmint Serene.  It is extremely fresh and has the distinct minty aroma that makes spearmint so popular.  It is currently priced at $10 for this 4 ounce package, and I highly recommend it!

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Hopefully this top list of Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits has helped you learn more about this amazing tea.  I recommend that you use this knowledge to help motivate you to add spearmint tea to your regular herbal tea lineup.  Spearmint blends well with other ingredients and can be served hot and cold.  If you have any comments or questions regarding this post, please send me a message or post in the Comments section below.

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Organic Spearmint Tea: Comments

Have you experienced any of the Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits that were listed above?  Are there any that you think should be added to this list?  Please share your perspective by posting a comment below.  Your ideas help make this HTT Community a more valuable source of knowledge, and they also help keep me motivated.  I REALLY appreciate it! is an herbal tea community that truly values transparency and disclosures. We want to be very clear about one thing. In addition to being herbal tea enthusiasts, we do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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2 Replies to “Organic Spearmint Tea”

  1. I didn’t know spearmint tea had so many benefits! I knew about helping with nausea (same with peppermint tea) and began drinking it a couple times a week to avoid having to regularly take nausea medication. The taste is great too, it’s so mild and cooling, perfect for a spring/summer drink.

    1. It sure does, Angelina!

      Spearmint tea and Peppermint tea are at the top of the list in terms of combating nausea (plus, they taste great)!

      Peppermint tea is admittedly great in the spring and summer, but at our house it is a year long refreshment!

      – Brandon

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