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Spearmint tea is a popular herbal tea that is made with the leaves of the spearmint plant.  The spearmint tea benefits have resulted in it becoming even more trendy.  You make think that the main benefit of spearmint tea is treatment for bad breath, but it has several other positive effects as well.  Consuming this tea can help improve digestion, assist weight loss, and balance hormones.  Learn about these and other positive health impacts on this list of the Top 12 Spearmint Tea Benefits.

I suggest reading my Spearmint Tea Overview prior to this article, especially if you are unfamiliar with the main facts regarding spearmint tea.

Prior to Brewing Spearmint Tea

I always recommend speaking with your doctor or healthcare provider prior to consuming herbal tea, and the same is true for spearmint tea.  Spearmint tea is considered to be a relatively safe tea to consume at moderate amounts.  Some side effects may occur, especially if it is consumed in very high levels.  Your doctor will help ensure that it will not adversely interact with any of your health conditions or prescription medications.


benefits spearmint tea

Here is my list of the Top 12 Spearmint Tea Health Benefits.  These benefits have been researched and studied extensively.  The average individual may not experince every single health benefit on this list, but regular consumers will have a good chance of receiving many of these benefits.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #1

Treats Halitosis

spearmint tea bad breath halitosis

The most well-known of the spearmint tea benefits is its ability to treat bad breath, also known as halitosis.  This makes spearmint tea another great herbal tea to consume in the mornings, even after you brush your teeth.  This will help give your breath some extra freshness that can last hours.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #2

Improved Digestion

spearmint tea digestion benefits

Spearmint tea has been consumed for centuries prior to big meals.  Many ancient cultures consumed the tea prior to celebratory meals to aid digestion and possibly increase appetite.  Spearmint tea also can regulate hormones which can prevent negative digestive side effects.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #3

Weight Loss

spearmint tea benefits weight loss

Spearmint tea can help your body process and eliminate waste more quickly and efficiently.  This improvement in digestive help can actually aid weight loss, especially if you are consuming healthy foods with your herbal tea.  Spearmint tea also helps balance hormones which can help weight loss as well.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #4


spearmint tea sleep relaxation

Spearmint tea benefits also include a calming and relaxing effect that is experienced by many tea drinkers.  I stated above that spearmint tea is a great herbal tea to consume in the morning, but it also is an excellent beverage to consume in the evenings to relax before bedtime.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #5

Skin Health

spearmint tea skin benefit

Surges in hormone levels can lead to skin blemishes and acne.  The ability of spearmint tea to regulate and balance hormones can help improve the clarity and appearance of skin.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #6

Reduced Inflammation

benefits spearmint tea arthritis

The spearmint tea benefits also include the potential to reduce inflammation.  Drinking herbal tea regularly can boost these anti-inflammatory effects and result in a reduction of swollen joints and improved arthritis.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #7

Better Memory

spearmint tea memory improved

Consuming spearmint tea prior to rigorous mental tasks has been shown to temporarily boost some cognitive functions.  It also has the potential to temporarily boost memory.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #8

Heart Health

spearmint heart health

Many herbal teas have a positive impact on heart health, and spearmint tea does as well.  The ability of spearmint tea to calm and relax indirectly lowers the risk for heart attack.  Spearmint also boosts heart health with iron and potassium.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #9

Reduced Bloating & Cramping

spearmint tea benefit cramps

Individuals that drink spearmint tea have reported experiencing a reduction in uncomfortable gas and bloating.  This uncomfortable stomach gas often leads to painful cramping, and spearmint tea helps avoid this terrible condition.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #10


benefits of spearmint tea allergies

Spearmint herbal tea contains powerful flavonoid compounds that lead to many of the spearmint tea benefits listed above.  These flavonoids actually help reduce allergic reactions and have the potential to clear mucus from nasal passages.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #11


spearmint tea antioxidants

One of the primary reasons many people drink herbal tea regularly is to consume antioxidants.  These wonderful compounds are very beneficial and help battle free radicals.  Antioxidants help boost the body’s natural immune system to help fight diseases, they improve skin health, and they also benefit overall health.

Spearmint Tea Benefits #12

Better Overall Health

All of the spearmint tea benefits mentioned above help to improve overall health.  This is especially true for individuals that consume the tea regularly, or 3+ times per week.  These benefits can have a powerful impact on daily life by making you feel better, both physically and psychologically.  I have included one of my favorite spearmint tea brands below.

Loose Leaf Spearmint Tea

Wild Foods Loose Leaf Organic Spearmint Tea (4 ounce)

For those of you interested to experience some of the spearmint tea benefits mentioned above, I decided to include a quality loose leaf spearmint tea.  Consuming loose leaf spearmint tea is more nutritious than consuming spearmint tea bags, so I am recommending this loose leaf brand above.  Wild Foods #19 Spearmint Serene is a high quality spearmint tea that is great for newcomers to herbal tea and experienced tea drinkers as well.  These spearmint leaves are extremely fresh and delicious, and I especially enjoy the wonderful aroma.  This package is currently priced @ $10, which is very affordable.  You can learn more by clicking the picture or link above; they will take you to Amazon where you can also purchase, if desired.

If you would like to see more options, you should check out my List of Best Spearmint Tea.  It includes other loose leaf tea options, and it also includes a few quality tea bag options as well.


I hope that this list has helped you learn about some of the main Spearmint Tea Benefits.  Each individual has a unique body chemistry, so everyone will not feel the exact same benefits at the same levels.  You have a good chance of experiencing at least a few of these positive impacts.  This is just another reason to consume this wonderful herbal tea.  Feel free to post a comment below or contact me with any questions.

Spearmint Tea Benefits: Comments

Have you experienced spearmint tea benefits that were not included on this list?  Please share your experiences with the HTT readers by posting a comment below.  Your knowledge contributions have helped propel this community’s growth rate!

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  1. I’ve experienced several of these benefits. I know it is anecdotal, but it also has helped me with my bad temper. My GF has me drink some before we discuss disagreements.

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